University Presidents

Suffolk University, founded in 1906, has had 11 presidents since it was incorporated in 1937. Marisa Kelly is the president today.

These distinguished men and women have led—and helped shape—Suffolk University.

Gleason L. Archer (founder), 1937–1948

Walter M. Burse, 1948–1954

Robert J. Munce, 1954–1960

Dennis C. Haley, 1960–1965

John E. Fenton, Sr., 1965–1970

Thomas A. Fulham, 1970–1980

Daniel H. Perlman, 1980–1989

David J. Sargent, 1989–2010

Barry Brown (interim), 2010–2012

James McCarthy, 2012–2014

Norman R. Smith (interim), 2014–2015

Margaret McKenna, 2015–2016

Marisa Kelly (acting), 2016–2018

Marisa Kelly, 2018–