A Re-Activation Application may be filled out by applicants who were accepted to Suffolk and never enrolled, or students who did not complete their initial application. Students may only re-activate their application for two consecutive semesters. If you have attended or plan to attend another institution or post-graduate program, you must have an official transcript sent directly to our office. All transfer and freshman applicants must submit any remaining final transcripts in order to complete their re-activation.

Please note that if you were previously admitted, re-admission is not guaranteed. All students will be re-evaluated based on any changes to university standards and criteria since the initial acceptance to Suffolk University.

If you wish to apply after more than two semesters, you will need to submit a new Common Application or Suffolk Online Application.

Deferred Enrollment

A student who has been accepted to Suffolk University can defer their acceptance for up to two semesters. Students who defer must submit a non-refundable enrollment deposit to secure their space for the following semester or year. Students who applied as freshman are unable to enroll in a post-graduate program or matriculate at another university during deferment. Transfer students may not take additional college courses during deferment. All freshman and transfer students must submit any remaining final transcripts in order to complete their deferment.

The full list of terms can be found on the Request for Deferred Enrollment.

Students who plan to take additional coursework or enroll at another institution should refer to the Re-Activation Application for more information.


Students who have previously attended Suffolk University and left in good academic standing may fill out a Re-Entry Application [PDF] and submit it to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. You will also use this form if you have been away from the University for more than a semester.

Students who are on an official leave of absence should not use this form. You should contact the Registrar’s Office for registration information.

Students who have been academically dismissed by Suffolk University should not use this form. You will need to contact the Dean’s Office that corresponds with your previous degree program. Students academically dismissed must file a written petition to apply for re-admission.