Request for Deferred Enrollment

1. Students requesting deferment must be recently admitted and have submitted a non-refundable Enrollment Deposit. If you have not already submitted your deposit, you can do so via check made payable to Suffolk University, or by contacting the admissions office at 617-573-8460.

2. Deferment may be requested for either one or two semesters. A deferral cannot be extended beyond one year.

3. All freshman and transfer students must submit any remaining final transcripts in order to complete their deferment.

4. Students who applied for freshman admission and plan to enroll in a post-graduate program or at another college or university are not eligible for deferment. Transfer students who plan to take additional college courses are also not eligible for deferment.

5. Students who do not qualify for deferment based on the above policies should refer to our Reactivation application or re-apply for admission using the Common Application ( or the Suffolk University Online Application (

6. Students who have been accepted to our Madrid campus or who were conditionally accepted to Suffolk University are not guaranteed deferment. Conditional programs include the Suffolk University Advantage Program, English Language for Internationals (ELI) program, and Freshman Second Language (FSL) program. These students will be re-evaluated on a case-bycase basis and contacted by the admissions office.

AUGUST 15: Deadline for submission of your Request for Deferred Enrollment form and deposit if you were admitted for the fall semester.

JANUARY 1: Deadline for submission of your Request for Deferred Enrollment form and deposit if you were admitted for the spring semester.

  • Students who defer to the following fall must reapply for financial aid. To apply for financial assistance, you are advised to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1 (priority deadline) preceding fall enrollment.
  • Students who defer from fall to spring semester normally will receive a proportionate share of their previously granted full-year merit- and need-based award. For further information about need-based aid, please contact Student Financial Services at 617-573-8470 or via email. Students who received merit-based scholarships and who plan to defer for one year, or from the Spring to Fall semester, are not guaranteed their previous merit award. All merit-based scholarships will be re-evaluated using any changes to university policy or criteria. For questions about merit scholarships, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 617-573-8460 or email.
  • International students are required to provide new financial documents before we can issue a new I-20.
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I hereby certify that all information stated on this application is complete and accurate, and understand that falsification or omission of previous schooling will result in disqualification or dismissal. I understand that students planning to complete a post-graduate year of high school or enroll at another college or university are not eligible for deferred admission. A deferred student who subsequently matriculates at another institution will lose their deferred admission status. I understand that transfer students may not take additional college courses during deferment. Suffolk University reserves to right to deny deferment and admission to any student. I also certify that I have read and fully understand the Suffolk University Deferred Enrollment Policies
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