Creating value is a critical skill for the global economy. As new technologies continue to redefine the role of people in the workforce, entrepreneurship at Suffolk University is about taking action to create, measure, protect and deliver value for existing organizations, family businesses, or new startups. Our students DETECT pain points in the marketplace by needs and wants (the problem), DESIGN products and services (the solution), and DEPLOY the solution in the marketplace (commercialization of products and services).

The value of education is greater than curriculum. Our program teaches entrepreneurs to drive value-creation through action. You participate in a series of experiential opportunities, are engaged locally and globally, and you learn how to be an active participant in your future rather than a passive observer. Our entrepreneurship faculty combine theory and practice necessary to maximize your learning experience throughout your academic career.

Suffolk’s entrepreneurship programs are offered through the Center for Entrepreneurship. The Center also works closely with the College of Arts & Sciences (including the New England School of Art and Design) and the Suffolk Law School to offer interdisciplinary programming. A vital resource for students, alumni, and the general public, the Center offers training workshops, mentor sessions, guest lectures, competitions, support for new ventures, and so much more. Located at One Beacon, the Center provides a central workspace where students, alumni, faculty, and business owners can collaborate.