The Interfaith Center unites the Suffolk community via:

  • The University Chaplain
  • Seasonal celebrations--such as Easter, Chanukah, Advent, Kwanzaa, and Passover--and for ongoing activities like Eastern meditation, worship services, Christian Bible study, Islamic daily prayers, and lectures. Anyone is welcome to start a new religious group at Suffolk or join an existing one.
  • An interfaith room where individuals and student groups of any religious tradition may worship
  • A meditation room

The Reverend Amy L. Fisher, University Chaplain, serves as a counselor, spiritual guide, educational advocate, and ethical voice on campus. She is happy to speak with anyone who has questions or concerns about:

  • Spirituality
  • Religion
  • Racial issues
  • Ethics
  • Morality

Contact, Location and Office Hours

Sawyer Building, Room 823
8 Ashburton Place

 Tel: 617.573.8325
Fax: 617.305.1765
Rev. Fisher on Twitter: @RevAmyFisher

The Interfaith Center is open daily during the academic year during posted hours.