Placing an Outside Call

Dial 9 plus desired number. Be sure to include 1+ area code when necessary.

Hands-free Dialing (speakerphone)

  • Press Speaker (SPKR)
  • Adjust volume
  • Dial desired number
  • Press speaker to disconnect

Note: Be sure your MIC is turned on. Light on bottom right will be lit.


  • Press HOLD button. Line will flash.
  • To retrieve, press flashing button.

Transfer (With Call in Progress)

  • Press Transfer (TRF) button. Caller is put on hold
  • Dial appropriate extension number
  • Announce the call and hang up

Note: If extension is busy or the person does not want to take the call, press (TRF) to get the call back.

Conference Call

  • With call in progress, press (TRF)
  • Dial second party, announce conference
  • Press (CNF) button for 3-way Conference

Programming One-Touch Speed Dial

  • Press (FEA) button
  • Press desired one-touch button
  • Enter desired telephone number or extension. (Display will show number entered)
  • Press (FEA) button, number is saved

To Dial a One-Touch Number

  • Press the desired one touch button

Redial Key

The redial key stores the last 5 numbers dialed

  • Keep pressing REDIAL until the display shows the number you want to redial.
  • Once displayed, press the “*” sign, number is dialed

Call Pick-up Group

To retrieve another ringing phone, within your pick-up group

  • Lift handset
  • Press PICK or dial “*6”
  • Connection to calling party is established

Feature Button

Feature + 1 = turns MIC on or off
Feature + 2 = adjusts handset volume
Feature + 3 = changes ring tone