In all cases where departmental property is damaged or lost, your first step should be to contact Risk Management to determine whether or not it will be covered by University insurance.

If the damage is estimated to be in excess of the University’s property insurance deductible, the department will be asked to provide receipts and/or invoices for all labor and materials. Before a department is reimbursed for their damages, the replacement items must be purchased or repair work completed.

Faculty and Staff Personal Property

The University’s property insurance covers personally-owned items of employees when those items are considered essential to the employee’s duties, and the items are damaged or stolen while on University premises. For example, certain books that a professor has personally purchased and brought onto University property as a part of his or her curriculum or research may be covered.

Suffolk expects each employee to have his or her own insurance coverage for valuable items such as a rare book or manuscript.

The Suffolk University mail room acts as a receiver only for University-owned or -leased property, and will not be responsible for any lost or damaged personal items shipped to the University.

Student Property

Suffolk University’s insurance does not extend to the personal property of its students, and reimbursement will only be considered when the damage/loss is a result of the actions of the University.

If a student’s property is damaged (for example, as the result of water damage in a residence hall) the student’s resident assistant should be notified and the student should submit a statement as to the cause of the loss and list the items to be replaced.

Risk Management determines that the student should be reimbursed, a request for receipts will be made to the student. Upon receipt of those receipts, a check request will be submitted to the Business Office, who will mail the reimbursement directly to the student.