To reach a person or department using Voice Recognition:

  • Dial into the Voice Recognition System
    • Internally, dial 8200
    • Externally, dial 617-573-8200 (You can also dial 617-573-8000 after business hours)
  • When prompted, simply say the first and last name of the person or department you would like to reach.

Voice Recognition Hints and Tips:

  • Speak normally, at a regular pace. Exaggerating your pronunciation may hinder voice recognition.
  • When asking for a person, dial the voice recognition access number and say the first name followed by the last name.
  • You don’t need to wait until the end of the system prompt: you can interrupt the system at any time to make a request.
  • You will get better results using the handset rather than speakerphone.
  • Avoid talking to other people or with food in your mouth while addressing the system.
  • Make sure there is no interfering noise, such as radio in the background.

We encourage you to report any mispronunciations, or if the system does not recognize a name or department.

For assistance, contact the Telecommunications Office at