These guidelines will help users employ ADX efficiently and avoid some common problems. Home Page Presence

Users may request that important events they have entered be featured on the University home page. To do so, email

The events listed on the home page serve a dual purpose – to show prospective students and others visiting the site that Suffolk offers an array of interesting/fun opportunities and to showcase events for the campus community.

The event description should contain sufficient information to suit the home page format, which includes the first 25 words of an event description along with the event title.

Event Descriptions

Please offer a brief description of what the event entails. This should not repeat the event title and information that is automatically listed by ADX (time, date, location). There is an exception for some academic calendar events, such as registration deadlines, e.g., “Last Day to Add/Register (Including Waitlists)”—that information title needs no further explanation.

The below image shows an event with a full description as well as one that merely repeats the headline but that could be fleshed out to make it more welcoming.

Image showing event description duplicating the event title

The ADX program takes care of adding time, date, and place through the Scheduling and Facilities tab, and this is what should be used. There is no need to add this in the Main Information tab.

The image below shows an event description that repeats the time, date, and location.

Image showing repeated information in the event description


All email addresses and links to other pages, such as RSVPs, should be hyperlinked using the icon shown below.

IMage showing the link tool in the ADX editor

Consistent Style via Paste

Suffolk’s marketing and communication team has formatted ADX for consistency, and users should not insert other fonts and colors.

When cutting and pasting content, please use the button indicated below to paste your content.  This will maintain a consistent style.

Spell Check

It never hurts to run it.

Avoid Duplicate Entries

Too often the same event is entered into the calendar two or even three times. Please figure out who “owns” or is sponsoring/hosting an event before creating an entry.

Check whether the event already exists before adding it.

Don’t forget that multiple categories can be checked off if you want the event to be noticed by your constituents. This is a better solution than adding multiple entries.

Multiple-day Events

When entering events such as performances or exhibits that repeat over time, it is best to choose “custom schedule” through the Scheduling and Facilities tab and then click on appropriate dates. This method provides more options for promoting an event.

Please call Nancy Kelleher, ext. 1910, if you’d like to be walked through creating a custom schedule.

Adding Location

You can drill down to the building and room number when adding a location via the Scheduling and Facilities tab in ADX. However, if you check the boxes for Boston Campus, a building, and a room within that building, your listing will actually show all three locations. Keep it simple by checking only the room number.

Some room numbers have been added to the system since offices moved during the past year. Search for them when adding the location through the Scheduling and Facilities tab. Most, if not all, users should be able to add rooms that do not yet appear there.

Please do not precede the room number with the word “Room,” as ADX automatically supplies that introductory word.

If you need help with adding a room, contact Nancy Kelleher, ext. 1910.