Photography Request

The Office of Marketing & Communications' photographer helps University clients meet departmental goals and priorities. If you'd like to schedule a photo shoot, please complete this form to get started.

Things to keep in mind

  • The University photographer will be assigned to clients as available and according to the most effective, strategic uses. OMC cannot fulfill every photo request.
  • As a client, you'll be charged for any travel costs for off-site photography.
  • After a shoot, the photographer will edit the files and present you with the best images. Editing adds time before images can be made available.
  • You'll receive images as electronic files only. All images remain the property of Suffolk University and will become part of the University's photo library.
  • Schedule sufficient time for a shoot and remind participants to be available for an ample amount of time.

This form is for requesting photographs only and does not guarantee a photographer will be available. Once your request has been reviewed, we'll call or email you. Final images are saved and shared as digital files. All assignments need to be edited, so files won't be available immediately.

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