Seminar for Freshmen

Course Name Course Description Course Syllabus

SF 143 - Between Myth & Reality: Representations of Spain

Using excerpted readings from travel texts, histories, and essays from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this course will explore the varying descriptions and interpretations of Spain as seen by those traveling through and/or living within its boundaries. From Richard Wright’s thought-provoking insights into Franco’s Spain’s racial issues to Giles Tremlett’s straightforward depictions of contemporary Spain, the readings will provide differing filters through which to consider the many contradictions that make up “the Spanish experience”. 4 credits

SF 143 [PDF]

SF 199 - Unfolding the European Union Review of the major issues related to the European Union. Its history, objectives, members, main institutions and enlargement will be studied, along with the main consequences of membership for the European people, ranging from gender questions, to labor market structure and political culture. The course will seek the definition of concepts such as supranational democracy, accountability, multiculturalism, sovereignty, etc. Special attention will be paid to the future of the EU and its role in the international scenario. 4 credits  SF 199 [PDF]