• About Requesting Books:

    First, since the Reference staff does a great deal of collection development, you should not assume that we do not own a book you are interested in. Before requesting it, please check our online catalog to make sure that we do not own it.

    If it is not owned, please feel free to use this book request form to request the book.

    Additional Notes:

    All book requests are governed by budget constraints.  The Library budget closes for the fiscal year in the spring. Requests received in May, for example, will probably need to be deferred until the next fiscal year in July.

    Are books needed for a new course being offered? Please plan ahead in this situation.  It is difficult to immediately acquire books for student use in the middle of the current semester.

    If you prefer not to use an online request form, feel free to bring or send catalog tearsheets, Amazon printouts, or other paper records of the books you are requesting. (Please make sure that we have complete citation information including Author, Title, Publisher and ISBN).

    One Last Note about RESERVE BOOKS. All textbooks being used for your course should be ordered through the Suffolk University Bookstore. It is through the Bookstore that we are obligated to purchase the two copies of texts that we keep at the Reserve Desk.  Please make sure that the Bookstore knows about your required books.    For more on Reserves, see this page http://www.suffolk.edu/sawlib/16613.php.

    Other questions? Stop by the Reference Desk or call us at x8532 or email us at sawlib@suffolk.edu.

  • Form to Request a Book

    Please note: Faculty may recommend the purchase of specific books for the Sawyer Library collection. A decision to purchase will be dependent on existing collection development needs and the availability of funds.

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  • Form to Request a Periodical Subscription

    Please note: Faculty may recommend the acquisition of a new serial title for the Sawyer Library collection. Because acquiring a new serial title becomes a commitment to renew the subscription year-to-year, a decision to acquire a new serial title will be dependent on the expectations of the availability of funds for at least three years, expectations of the title's usage to support the undergraduate or graduate curriculum, and faculty research.

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