Arts & Culture in Boston

Love culture? Love the arts? Then you're going to love Boston.

At Suffolk, we've got a pretty fantastic arts scene all our own. But there's a whole world of excitement right around the corner from campus. Our city has it all: theatre, museums, music venues, dance companies, opera*...and that's just for starters. Get out there (Seriously, some of Boston's best venues are a quick walk away!) and get your culture on.

*Opera gloves not required

What's On Our Campus? 


You don't have to hop a bus to New York to see a Broadway show. Top-notch musicals and plays are part of Boston's scene. You can see them--along with the ubiquitous Blue Man Group--all around the Theatre District.

Dance Venues

The dancers of Boston Ballet pirouette at the Boston Opera House throughout the year. Theirs isn't the only Nutcracker in town, though. Dance troupes come from around the world to perform in our city.

Live Music Venues

Indie stars, rock legends, and bands on the rise--you can catch them all here.


You've heard it before: Boston is home to world-class museums. That's because it's so very true. Here are just a few for you to explore.

Opera Venues

We did mention opera earlier, so here's where you'll find it!