Student Health Insurance

Health Insurance Information and Requirements

It is important that students have access to comprehensive medical care, while enrolled at Suffolk University. According to Massachusetts law (Mandatory Health Insurance Coverage Institutions of Higher Education) and Suffolk University policy, every institution of higher education shall require all full-time and part-time students enrolled in at least 75 percent of a full-time program to participate in a qualifying student health insurance program or in a health benefit plan with comparable coverage as defined in 114.6 CMR 3.05(2). Therefore, all eligible students are automatically enrolled in the Suffolk University Student Health Insurance Plan (SSHIP). Suffolk students must submit an online waiver form annually to opt out of SSHIP with comparable health insurance provided by an insurance carrier whose home office is based in the United States. View more information about the online waiver form instructions here and below.

If an eligible Suffolk student does not have a qualified health insurance plan, then enrollment in the Suffolk University Student Health Insurance Program is required. This mandate includes all undergraduate, graduate and law students enrolled in at least 75 percent of a full-time academic program, and all international students must purchase the Suffolk student health insurance plan with the exception of:

  1. Those international students whose sponsoring institutions have a signed agreement with Suffolk that complies with the University’s health insurance waiver requirements or
  2. International students with a plan for which their health insurance company's primary home office is based in the United States AND the policy provides comparable coverage to the university's student health insurance plan.

International students who do not fall under conditions 1 or 2 above MUST purchase the university’s student health insurance plan and therefore are not eligible for a waiver. All out-of-state students with insurance plans that do not provide emergency and non-emergency coverage for treatment with Massachusetts medical and mental health providers must purchase the Suffolk Student Health Insurance Plan.

The current fee and waiver deadline for the student health insurance offered through Suffolk University is listed below under Requirements for New Students. The student health insurance fee will be automatically applied to each Suffolk student account. If you are considering waiving the Suffolk Student Health Insurance Plan, please take note that some insurance plans in the market are restrictive and may leave students essentially uninsured while at school. This could result in the student incurring substantial out-of-pocket costs for medical care.

We have provided some information to consider when reviewing comparable coverage that is accessible to in-network providers in the Boston area. The Suffolk Student Health Insurance Plan is serviced by University Health Plans and is underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA. The Student Health Plan is Blue Care Elect Value Plus (PPO) and claims are paid by Blue Cross Blue Shield. For instance, there is no dollar cap on health benefit coverage, and there are no deductibles when seeing an in-network provider. You can view full details of the Suffolk student health insurance policy online by going to, select Suffolk University and then Benefits Information for the brochure. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), student health insurance coverage is defined as a type of individual health insurance coverage that is provided per an agreement between an institution of higher education and a health insurance issuer, and provided to students (and their dependents) enrolled in that institution.

“Essential Health Benefits” categories included:

  • Ambulatory patient services, including outpatient day surgery and related anesthesia
  • Mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment
  • Laboratory Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Preventive and wellness and chronic disease management
  • Hospitalization
  • Rehabilitative services and devices
  • Pediatric services, including oral and vision care
  • Maternity and newborn care

Please take the time to review the SSHIP benefits in order to make an informed decision regarding your health insurance needs, while enrolled at Suffolk University. If you have any questions regarding the Suffolk Student Health Insurance Plan, please contact University Health Plans at 800-437-6448 or via email at Please also visit their website.


The SSHIP charge will be assigned to the Suffolk student account bill. If a student wishes to waive out of the SSHIP plan because they are enrolled in another qualifying health insurance plan, EACH ACADEMIC YEAR students must annually submit an online waiver form by the open enrollment deadline to opt out of SSHIP. To waive the Suffolk Student Health Insurance Plan by the deadline, follow the instructions here.

The SSHIP health insurance card will be mailed to the address a student confirms on Suffolk E-Checkin. For more information about SSHIP effective coverage dates, the sponsored plan benefit coverage details or the waiver requirements, please call University Health Plans at 800-437-6448 or visit here.

Every year, students with alternative qualifying health insurance must waive SSHIP online by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Suffolk University.
  3. Click on the Suffolk University Student Insurance Plan. (This will bring you to the Suffolk page.)
  4. Click on Waiver Form.
  5. Fill in all required information. (Note: If a piece of required information is missing, your form will NOT be accepted.)
  6. Submit the form by clicking 'Apply.’ If the form is accepted, you will receive immediate confirmation of your enrollment or waiver.
  7. Print out the confirmation page, as this will be the only documentation you will have as proof that you waived the insurance plan. (Note: Students wishing to waive the SSHIP must have comparable qualifying insurance from a carrier with a home office that is based in the United States.)

Please note that if students fail to waive the SSHIP by the deadline, they will be automatically enrolled in SSHIP and billed the premium rate.

Financial Responsibility

It is extremely important that you have insurance coverage that will pay for medical care in the Boston area. Many out-of-area insurance companies are restrictive about what services they will pay for when you are away from home. Please ask specifically what services are covered by your insurance company prior to coming to campus. Your insurance should have equal or better coverage for medical services if you plan to waive the SSHIP.