Suggested Reading

Suffolk Family understands that college is a big transition for students, parents, and their families. To make life a little easier, we’ve compiled a suggested reading list with something for everyone in the family.

Suggested Reading

A great resource for parents attempting to understand the boundaries between when to intervene and when to respect their child's privacy. The author knows her subject as she serves as a Director of Parent Programs and is a parent herself, affording her the experience to offer advice and tips on multiple issues.

The authors, a mother-daughter team, provide the differing perspectives of parent and child through the transition to college. Using humor, this guide provides insight into maintaining a meaningful relationship through ongoing communication and understanding of the other's experiences and feelings.

Written by a psychologist and parent, the author provides a unique take on the college transition, offering both practical advice for helping your child plan for college, but also helping the family plan for this pivotal transition and the implications of a changing family environment.

Reflecting back on her own experience of sending her son off to college, the author attempts to make it a little easier for her peers by providing a guide filled with tips, advice, and strategies for making it through the separation and transition of saying good-bye and good luck.

A quick and easy read that offers practical, updated and helpful information to assist parents with both the emotional and social challenges experienced during the college years, by both student and parent.

Using humor and actual case studies, the authors attempt to help parents understand their changing role, still providing influence, but with less control and direction. The book is comprehensive and offers strategies for a wide-range of common issues experienced by parents and students.

An often sobering read, this book will assist any parent in tackling the sometimes difficult situations that can arise during the college years. Supported by the author's own research, the guide provides useful and informative information on a variety of college issues.