By law, Suffolk University cannot withhold refunds generated from federal loan proceeds longer than 14 days from the beginning of classes. Stafford loans received after the semester begins will be refunded within 14 days of their receipt, unless specified by the student to hold the funds.

If you adjust your course schedule after you receive this refund check, you must make proper arrangements to cover your balance.

Financial aid refunds will not be processed until after the last day to drop a course without a grade of "W". Refunds for all payments will be processed after the add/drop period ends.

If the credit on your account is created by a payment plan, you will not be issued a refund until you have paid your contract in full for the semester or you may adjust your contract.

Credits to Your Account

Students who are not registered for a semester but have not withdrawn from the University may still have the ability to make a payment to their student account. We will treat such payments as a credit towards a future semester since no current registration exists and will not refund the student. If no registration for a current semester exists, then no payment will be applied towards that semester.

Room & Meal Plan

Room and meal plan charges are not subject to the Suffolk University refund policy. Once the student signs the housing license agreement, the student is responsible for paying all room and board charges for the term of this agreement. Students should review the housing license agreement for exceptions to this policy.

Title IV

If you have a credit balance from the disbursement of Title IV funds to your student account at any time during the school year, Suffolk University is required by law to obtain your permission to apply the credit balance to prior year or future term charges. Learn more about the Title IV authorization and using Title IV funds toward books and supplies.

Fall 2018 Refunds

Loan Proceeds
Refund Date
Law School 9/5/2018
College of Arts & Science 9/14/2018
Sawyer Business School 9/14/2018
Financial Aid & General Overpayments
Refund Date
Law School 9/5/2018
College of Arts & Science 10/10/2018
Sawyer Business School 10/10/2018

Spring 2019 Refunds

Loan Proceeds
Refund Date
College of Arts and Sciences* 01/23/19
Sawyer Business School* 01/23/19
Law School 01/23/19
Financial Aid & General Overpayments
Refund Date
College of Arts and Sciences* 02/19/19
Sawyer Business School* 02/19/19
Law School 02/01/19

*Students who are enrolled in a quarterly class schedule should contact the Office of the Bursar for the refund schedule.


Sign up for eRefunds!

An eRefund is a direct deposit for any refund that you are expecting from the University- including financial aid. You will receive your refund faster and it will be deposited directly into your personal checking or savings account. Set up is quick and simple. See below for instructions.

eRefund Set Up Instructions

  • Log into MySuffolk
  • Go to the MyFinances tab and click on SU Pay
  • Select eRefunds at the top
  • Enter your banking information - routing and account number

If you do not sign up for eRefunds, your check will be held for pick-up at our office. Avoid waiting in line and sign up for eRefunds today!

If your financial aid credits & registration credits do not match

Your approved financial aid credits and registration credits need to match in order for you to receive your financial aid funds. It is possible that once you are enrolled in the accurate amount of credits, your account will reflect a balance due.

Contact the appropriate financial aid office for further information regarding your award.