Please review the brand guidelines before downloading any files. These logos should not be altered, modified, separated, or recreated in any way.

All logos—check the brand guidelines [PDF] for more guidance—are EPS (vector) files with transparent backgrounds. You do not need to open an EPS file in order to use it. In fact, you not will not be able to open an EPS file unless you have the Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop software. To see the EPS file, you should place or import it into your document as you would with any image file (Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, etc.). Social media icons are exceptions to this rule and exist as RGB JPGs.

File Formats

CMYK: Use this version if your vendor is printing the logo via four-color process (also referred to as 4CP or full-color). You can print this version using your office printer.

RGB: Use this version for communications viewed on a computer screen (PDFs, PowerPoint, etc.).

Pantone Matching System (PMS): Use this version if your vendor is printing the logo via offset (versus digital) using spot colors. This is the preferred version for printing on most apparel and textiles. Your vendor should tell you whether they need coated or uncoated PMS colors for your project.

If the logo you need is not available for download, or you have questions about which file format to choose, please contact us.

Suffolk University

Download a zip file of Suffolk University Logos [ZIP 25MB]

Suffolk University logos

College of Arts and Sciences

Download a zip file of College of Arts & Sciences Logos [ZIP 26MB]

Suffolk University College of Arts & Sciences logo

Sawyer Business School

Download a zip file of Sawyer Business School Logos [ZIP 24MB]

Suffolk University Sawyer Business School logos

Law School

Download a zip file of Law School Logos [ZIP 25MB]

Suffolk University Law School logo


Download a zip file of Madrid Logos [ZIP 26MB]

Suffolk University Madrid Campus logos


Read the Athletics Logo Guidelines [PDF]

Download a zip file of Athletics Logos [ZIP 7MB]

Suffolk University Athletics logos