Below is the registration process. Planning for registration is an important part of registering for classes.

1: Complete Onboarding Tasks as They Appear in Workday Inbox . 2: Build an Academic Plan (Meet with Academic Advisor). 3:  Review Course Section Report and Build a Saved Schedule. 4: Identify your Registration Appointment in your Academics Hub. 5: Register for Classes from Your Saved Schedule. 6: Add/Drop/ Swap Courses as Needed.

*Optional to meet with advisor prior to finalizing your course registration

Registration resources at Suffolk will point you in the right direction and get you ready for success in your academic courses. Access your Academics Hub to see your Support Network/Advisor, Academic Progress Report, Registration Appointment and other resources.

How to Register for Classes Instructions for registration, dropping/adding courses, creating a saved schedule and more, with step-by-step video instructions to guide you through the registration process. 
Registration Approval Advising is optional for law students. Law students should review their Academic Progress Report prior to registering. 
Academic Period Course Load Your course load as a Law student may impact on your ability to achieve your educational goals and to maintain financial aid. 
Other Registration Information Other registration topics include: short-term course add/drop dates.

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