How Do I?

Student sitting in the Samia Academic Center working on her laptop

Many resources such as Quick Guides and Videos are available to assist with common tasks performed in Workday. These resources are also available via the Academics Hub.

An eLearning module is also available that provides a hands-on course of the topics listed on this page.

Students can grant access to their financial aid package, account activity, registered courses and grades. Accessing Workday as a Third Party video is available to guide users through the process.

Workday Basics

Topic Quick Guide Video
Academics Hub
  Academics Hub Overview [PDF]  
Go-Live Resources

Workday Student System of Record [PDF]

  Workday Student Terminology [PDF]
(Includes abbreviations and Colleague to Workday crosswalk)
  Onboarding in Workday [PDF] Student Onboarding [VIDEO]
  Third Party Access Permissions [PDF]
  FAQ for Students [PDF]  
  Installing Workday Mobile [PDF]  
Homepage Navigation
  Use Create Request to Submit Online Forms [PDF] Making Requests in Workday [VIDEO]
  My Task (Inbox) & Notifications [PDF] Workday Student Navigation [VIDEO]
  Searching in Workday [PDF]  
Student Profile
  Academics Tab Overview [PDF] Academics Tab Overview [VIDEO]
  Set Profile Default to Student [PDF]  
  Update Contact Information [PDF]
(Friends & Family, Emergency Contact)
  Update Personal Information [PDF] Update Personal & Contact Information [VIDEO]
Programs of Study
  Add a Program of Study [PDF]  
  Change Program of Study [PDF]  
  Remove Program of Study [PDF] Programs of Study [VIDEO]
Academic Plans & Schedules
  Create an Academic Plan (no template) [PDF]  

Create an Academic Plan (from template) [PDF]  
  Update an Academic Plan [PDF]  
  Change Primary Academic Plan [PDF] Academic Plans [VIDEO]
  Create Schedule from Plan [PDF] Create a Saved Schedule [VIDEO]
  Find Courses & Course Sections [PDF] Find Courses & Course Sections [VIDEO]
  Register from Course Section Report [PDF]  
  Register from Saved Schedule [PDF] Registration [VIDEO]
  View Registration Appointments [PDF]  
  Drop a Course [PDF]  
  Swap a Course [PDF] Drop & Swap Courses [VIDEO]
  Withdraw from Course Section [PDF]  
  Waitlist Management [PDF]  
  Request Eligibility Override [PDF] Request Eligibility Override [VIDEO]
  Review & Troubleshoot Holds [PDF] Review & Troubleshoot Holds [VIDEO]
Request Permission to Register [PDF]
Apply for Program Completion [PDF]
  View Financial Statements & Charges [PDF] View Charges and Payments [VIDEO]
  Update Payment Elections [PDF]  
  View Financial Aid [PDF] Financial Aid in Workday [VIDEO]