Affinity at Suffolk - Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups provide opportunities for faculty and staff to engage in networking and professional development activities to foster connection and community at Suffolk University. Currently, nine percent of the Suffolk workforce is engaged in one or more employee resource group.


There are currently eleven fully-formed groups with more to come. Each group is lead by employees, called Influencers, who receive leadership and professional development training during their tenure. We are excited to invite the entire campus community to participate in member events throughout the year and to promote Affinity@Suffolk.

Employee Resource Groups have a significant impact on employee morale, allowing for employees to gather around shared interests, network, and advance their careers. Affinity@Suffolk groups will strengthen our community experience by supporting the development—and retention of—our diverse workforce, celebrating cultural awareness, and allowing for authentic engagement across campus. 

To join an existing group, request a new group or to begin a conversation, please fill out the Affinity@Suffolk Employee Resource Group Interest Form.

Connect with an Affinity@Suffolk Employee Resource Group

  Mission Statement Group Leaders

Asian Faculty & Staff

To support and strengthen faculty and staff who identify as Asians so that they can embody the vision statement of Suffolk University.

Micky Lee 

Black Faculty/Staff

To serve as a resource to the university to positively influence the environment, to ensure professional development of all Black Faculty and Staff and to assist the university in achieving its diversity and inclusion plan. Felicia Wiltz
Ade Igbinewkeka

Early Career Professional

To help empower employees who are early in their careers to develop their skills, build important and lasting relationships within their network, and reach their full potential. Emily Eraca
Javied Townsend

Fiber Arts

To serve as a resource to positively influence the environment by allowing one's craft to be enjoyed amongst colleagues, to allow a space for participants to engage in self-care, to meet new people and learn new skills.

Kimberley Zak


Moms Making It Work

To serve as a resource to the organization to prepare women for the addition of a child to their family, to support women in their return to the workplace after a period of leave, and to continue to act as a resource in the years that follow. Alison Tejeda
Nuestro   Priscilla Bolanos-Salas
Nancy Galindo-Rodriguez

Religious Dialogue

To serve as a place to create new relationships and build a community at Suffolk based on a common interest in developing greater knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and respect for the variety of religious secular and spiritual orientations.

Amy Fisher

S.A.G.A. Sexuality and Gender Alliance

To create a positive and inclusive environment for all Suffolk employees around sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression through education, networking, and workplace collaboration.

Jenna DeLisi

Suffolk Musicians
  Brian McDermott

Suffolk Sisters of Color

To promote diversity and inclusion, serve as a resource to members, offer opportunities to network internally, and to create mentoring and career development opportunities for women of color in the workplace.

Jenny Joseph-Hayle 

Whole Health Team

To provide Suffolk employees with a network of individuals who aspire to live a healthy and mindful life. The Whole Health Team is dedicated to supporting and promoting a healthy lifestyle and to include individuals of all abilities and fitness levels. Seeking New Leaders

Women's Network

To serve as a resource to positively influence the Suffolk workplace environment, to ensure personal and professional development, and advocacy for all women.

Kristin Hagan

Group Development

During an Affinity@Suffolk initial meeting, a representative from Diversity, Access, and Inclusion will be present to assist with the formation of group charters and to respond to questions. A group leader will be provided with tools and support for facilitating group meetings and future events. Group leaders should enlist the support of a university sponsor in the form of an administrator on campus. University administration endorses the creation of Affinity@Suffolk groups and will show their commitment through their involvement in the program at all levels.

For more information, contact Joyya Smith.