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Are you applying to be a Geno A. Ballotti Scholar?

For Geno A. Ballotti Scholars and those applying simply to be content/writing tutors, study group leaders, or workshop facilitators (not central referral/front desk staff), we need the following documents:

1. Transcript (unofficial is acceptable.)

2. Writing Tutor Supplemental Questions (only for those who want to tutor writing):
  • In no more than 500 words, please discuss your maturation as a writer, including what you believe are your greatest strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Please include an important moment when you remember improving as a writer and how this happened. Also, please include a brief discussion about how you believe college students best learn to write and how you can best assist them as a peer writing tutor.
  • In no more than 250 words, explain what interests you most about being a CLAS peer writing tutor.
For Geno A. Ballotti Scholar applicants only:

1. Short Answer Questions - 200 words or fewer per each (only for those who want to be a scholar): Choose File
  • Time Management: You are a highly successful student and you're probably pretty involved on campus. You may even have other jobs, play sports and have hobbies and interests beyond school. If offered this scholarship, how do you plan to manage your time so that you maintain your grades and are able to fulfill your other responsibilities as well?
  • Leadership: Ballotti Scholars are leaders in the CLAS and on campus. How do you envision leadership and if offered this scholarship, how will you be a leader both in the CLAS and on campus?
  • Motivation: Motivation is essential to student success in the CLAS, at Suffolk and in life. Tell us what motivates you. In the moments where everything is working against you, how do you persevere?
  • Long term goals: Suffolk students are headed for great things; tell us your goals. What are you working toward in the long-term and how will being a Ballotti Scholar help you achieve that?

2. TWO letters of recommendation. At least one of these letters must be from a faculty member. These recommendations should be sent directly from the recommender.

3. Answer the following question:

  • Please tell us why you are a good fit for the Ballotti Scholar role for which you are applying. Note: The roles are Administrative, Research, English Language Learner Support, Marketing Art & Design and Workshops. Be creative in how you submit your response! Use whatever media you want (from essays to videos) to answer this question.

These documents can be emailed to Jamie Bondar or delivered in person to the Division of Student Success on the 9th floor of 73 Tremont St.