Academic English Programs for International Students and Law Students

Suffolk University provides many programs to support students' needs in learning or improving their English skills. Support is offered through rigorous English and core content courses, intensive advising, and faculty outreach.

Academic English Programs for International Students

Suffolk University partners with INTO, a global education company that helps universities expand international recruitment and ensures international students’ success on campus through proven integration programs that better acclimate them to the academic community.

The partnership, known as INTO Suffolk, features programs that blend academic preparation and intensive English-language training to prepare students for the rigors of a Suffolk University degree program. The one-, two- or three-semester programs are designed to ease an international student’s transition to a new country and educational system, improve English skills and fulfill certain academic coursework requirements for their intended major or degree program. 

The Academic English program provides you with top-rated English language instruction and the academic skills to succeed at Suffolk University.

Course Features

What you'll learn:

  • How to present spoken and written ideas accurately and effectively in English
  • Methods to write research papers with proper use of citations and references
  • The ways to read, understand and critically evaluate academic texts
  • How to use vocabulary common to academic disciplines
  • How to take useful and accurate notes in academic lectures and presentations
  • US values in an academic setting

For more information, please go to the INTO Academic English website.

Suffolk Law Legal English Institute

The Legal English Institute is open to students who have been accepted into a Master of Laws program at an American Bar Association (ABA)-accredited law school. This program is designed to ensure students have the tools needed to transition successfully to LLM coursework.

This three-week intensive course is designed to introduce you to the US legal system while focusing on the specific language and academics skills you'll need to be successful at an ABA-accredited law school.

Suffolk Law is one of only a few law schools in the country offering a special language program exclusively for LLM students. The Institute is led by an experienced international business lawyer who is also a certified instructor in English for speakers of other languages.

The Legal English Institute runs five days a week for four to six hours a day, covering note-taking, grammar, writing, public speaking, legal vocabulary, and using US legal materials. It's also an invaluable way for you to meet other international LLM students and build your network before the start of classes.

For more information, please go to the Legal English Institute website.