Meal Plan Accommodations Form


At Suffolk University, we are committed to the full participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of college life, including dining experiences. All students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan.

Occasionally, students have special dietary needs and require an accommodation to the meal plan in the form of a particular diet. Many times, these needs can be met by Sodexo, Suffolk's dining service provider. Meal plan accommodations are rare. They are made solely for documented health conditions that require special medically necessitated diets that cannot be accommodated by Sodexo.

To request specific meal plan accommodations, follow each of the steps outlined below. Meal plan accommodation requests are considered only through the third Friday of every semester.

Procedures for Requesting a Meal Plan Accommodation

  1. Make an intake appointment with the Office of Disability Services. Students can do this by calling: 617-573-8034.
  2. Fill out the Student Meal Plan Accommodation Form [Word format] or using the online form below, and send it to Andrew Cioffi or fax it to Andrew at: 617-994-4251.
  3. Send the Health Care Provider Meal Accommodation Form [Word format] to a health care provider for completion. Health Care Providers should send it to Andrew Cioffi or fax it to Andrew at: 617-994-4251. Note the health care provider may not be a relative of the student.
  • Referral to meet with a Sodexo chef.
  • Placement in a residence hall with access to a semi-private kitchen.
  • Reduction of the cost of the meal plan.
  • Elimination of the required meal plan.

The Office of Disability Services will let the student, the Office of Residence Life and Housing, and Sodexo know of our decision as necessary.

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Please list below the health care professional(s) you are authorizing to provide us with information about your disability and meal plan accommodation needs.