Records of Suffolk University

The University Archives includes business records, photographs, audio and video recordings, memorabilia and other materials that document the unique history of Suffolk University. The collection is large in scope, and covers all aspects of Suffolk’s history and development from 1906 to today.

The University Archives include the records of:

  • Academic and Administrative Units: the Board of Trustees; the Office of the President, Vice Presidents, Provosts, Deans, and Student Affair
  • University Publications: reports, alumni magazines, and course catalogs
  • Student Life: club and student groups
  • Student Publications: student newspapers, journals and yearbooks
  • University Photographs: student life, athletics, buildings and places, events, people (faculty, staff, alumni and students)
  • Memorabilia: Suffolkania such as regalia, scrapbooks, artwork and mementos

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For more information about transferring records to the Archive, please consult the Records Management page.

PLEASE NOTE: Most records of the University are closed to public research for 50 years, or 80 years if they contain personally identifiable information. Researchers may apply to access restricted records by contacting the Archives.