Psychologists examine mental processes and behavior―including cognition, emotion, motivation, learning and memory. As a Suffolk student, you’ll examine what causes normal and abnormal patterns in individuals and groups. At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, the psychology curriculum at Suffolk University encourages the student to examine the brain, the person, and the cultural context of individual development.

Undergraduate Programs

Psychology encompasses a broad range of human experience. Our undergraduate major provides students with a comprehensive survey of the field. We also offer a flexible minor in psychology; students can select particular areas to emphasize (e.g., human development, social-organizational, personality) or can more broadly sample from the entire list of course offerings. Students benefit from studying with department faculty members who are actively engaged in the field as either researchers and/or clinicians. Faculty members work closely with both undergraduate and graduate students to facilitate their growth of knowledge, research skills, and self-awareness.

Mental Health Counseling Programs

The Mental Health Counseling programs at Suffolk will give you the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become an effective and compassionate mental health professional.

PhD Programs

The department’s highly regarded PhD APA-accredited program in Clinical Psychology combines a scientist-practitioner orientation with focused training in various clinical specialty areas. Students graduate from our doctoral program well-prepared to begin professional careers as clinicians, researchers, and educators.

Suffolk’s new doctoral program in Applied Developmental Psychology allows you to study developmental psychology through a social justice lens, challenging you to apply your knowledge while working with children and youth living in Boston’s diverse populations.