Faculty & Staff - Psychology

Full-Time Faculty

Please use the following list to contact faculty members directly:

Lance Swenson
Associate Professor & Department Chair

Mimi Arbeit
Assistant Professor

Krisanne Bursik
Professor, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Rosemarie DiBiase
Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director of Applied Developmental Psychology

Gary Fireman
Professor, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

David Gansler

Lacey Hilliard
Assistant Professor

Matthew Jerram
Associate Professor, Director of Teaching Training and Inclusivity

David Langer
Assistant Professor, Graduate Program Director of Clinical Psychology

Gabrielle Liverant
Associate Professor

Jessica LoPresti
Assistant Professor  

Jennifer Martinez
Assistant Professor 

David Medoff
Associate Professor

Mary Beth Medvide
Assistant Professor

Sukanya Ray
Associate Professor

Sarah Schwartz
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Curriculum

David Shumaker
Professor, Graduate Program Director of Mental Health Counseling

John Smolinsky
Assistant Professor, Clinical Training Coordinator

Nichole Vatcher

Yvonne Wells
Associate Professor

For a full list of faculty members accepting doctoral students in the Clinical and Applied Developmental Programs, please visit the program pages.

Emeritus Professors

Michael Basseches, PhD

Robert Webb, PhD

Part-Time Faculty

The part-time faculty office is located in the 73 Tremont Building, Room 9025.

Majed Ashy
Adjunct Lecturer

Rebecca Browne
Adjunct Lecturer

Cynthia Davis
Senior Adjunct Lecturer

Elisabetta Del Re
Adjunct Lecturer

Brooke Duarte
Graduate Student Lecturer

Keira O'Donovan
Adjunct Lecturer

Jennifer Schild
Graduate Student Lecturer

Affiliate Faculty

Debra Harkins, PhD
Professor of Education

Hilary Hodgon, PhD
Research Assistant Professor of Clinical Practice
Professional Affiliation: Director of Research Operations, The Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute

Amy Janes, PhD
Research Professor of Clinical Practice
Professional Affiliation: Director, Functional Integration of Addiction Research Laboratory, McLean Hospital

Susan Orsillo, PhD
Research Professor of Clinical Practice

Department Staff

Kimberley Zak
Administrative Services Manager
73 Tremont, 8th Floor

Clover Chang
Program Administrator
73 Tremont, 8th Floor