Photos and Photographers at Commencement

Guests, including personally-hired photographers, may take photographs and video during the ceremony only in the designated areas. Photographers will not be permitted in the roped-off areas or in the aisles. Due to security rules inside the Pavilion and federal law governing the use of drones within close proximity to airports, drones are not permitted inside or in the surrounding area around the Pavilion.

Please note: personal photographers are not given press passes and must present a ticket in order to enter the Pavilion.

Suffolk University has arranged to have a professional photographer take pictures of graduating students as they cross the stage. You can find the images at the GradImages website or contact them at 800-261-2576.

Due to the limited time between ceremonies, graduates and guests must exit the Pavilion immediately following the ceremony. There will be a specially designated spot outside the Pavilion for taking photos after each ceremony.