Peer-Health Educators (SUPERs)

The SUPERs are student leaders who promote wellness education by helping our community develop the tools to understand ourselves and others as we find our individual paths to wellness. They help us think critically about health and wellness topics through educational and interactive programming.

What can SUPERs provide?

The SUPERs are nationally certified Peer-Health Educators, ready to

  • Connect with fellow students to discuss health related questions.
  • Provide educational programming for the Suffolk community.
  • Provide information on various health and wellness topics (sexual health, alcohol & drug use, mental health, sleep, nutrition, self-care, social justice, identity exploration, etc.)
  • Offer referrals to on- and off-campus services and resources as needed.
  • Advocate for changes in campus policies to support student health.

Interested in working with the SUPERs?

  • We are happy to co-sponsor an event, present to your class or student group, facilitate a workshop, or provide resources on a variety of health and wellness topics.
  • Fill out a Program Request Form and we will get back to you shortly.
  • The SUPERs are the best! How can I become one?

FAQs (about being a SUPER)

  • Provide on and off campus resources to students
  • Assist in creating pamphlets, post on social media, emails, tabling
  • Be a role model for students on and off campus 
  • Be able to refer your peers to resources when they are facing any hardships
  • Create programs on wellness topics and work with campus organizations
  • Maintain a relaxing and welcoming environment at the Wellness Resource Center 
  • Restock supply, enforce center policies, create flyers

  • Exact hours vary but are typically around 8 hours/week (but no more than that!)
  • Mandatory weekly meeting during activities period
  • Occasional Conferences and Trainings (which will be announced in advance)

  • Before you begin, you will go through a Certified Peer Health Educator training that will help guide you.
  • New SUPERs will partner with returners in the first semester to practice presenting in groups.
  • We practice in front of our coworkers and supervisors for feedback and support.

Yes! Two totally different things. Being a SUPER is an ambassador position which is why you must maintain a GPA of at least 2.8.

  • All majors are welcome to be a SUPER
  • A background in some kind of health and wellness is welcome, but interest in some topic of health is necessary!

Holistic health approach:

  • Sexual Health
  • Mental Health
  • Physical health/nutrition
  • Self love/Care