Student Handbook for CAS/SBS Students

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This Student Handbook provides an easy reference for policies and procedures that govern student conduct and other aspects of campus life at Suffolk University. Also contained in this handbook is important information that the University is obligated by law to provide to its students each year.

Additional documents that should be consulted for other policy information are the academic catalog and department webpages.

This handbook is prepared and produced by the Office of Student Affairs. Questions should be directed to staff in that office, located at 73 Tremont Street, 12th Floor, 617-573-8239.

About Suffolk University

The About Suffolk section of the Student Handbook provides you with information about the history, mission and location of the University as well as its commitment to diversity. Here you also will find a listing of University administrators. This section is not part of the Student Handbook. It is provided for your information and easy reference.

Academic Information

The academic catalogs provide information about academic programs including majors and minors and their requirements as well as important academic policies and procedures for students in the College of Arts and Sciences and Sawyer Business School. Information on academic resources and Commencement is also available. This section is not part of the Student Handbook. It is provided for your information and easy reference.

Community Standards & Student Conduct System for Students in the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) and Sawyer Business School (SBS)

Suffolk has established the Community Standards to provide students with the University’s expectations for student conduct. The Student Conduct System guidelines outline procedures for responding to alleged student violations of the Community Standards.

University Policies for Students in CAS and SBS

The University Policies section of the Student Handbook includes policies, rules and regulations students, as member of the University Community, must follow.

Residence Life Policies

The Residence Life Policies section of the Student Handbook includes policies, rules and regulations students living on-campus and at leased properties must follow.

Additional Information

Although not part of our Student Handbook, there are many more aspects of life at Suffolk to learn about and experience. We have provided additional links for your information and easy reference.

Campus Departments & Services

Looking for a particular department or resource on campus? Find campus offices and services in the A-Z list of our Campus Departments & Services.

Financial Information

Find helpful information about tuition and fees and financial aid on our Financial Information pages.

Student Involvement

Getting involved at Suffolk University can mean a variety of things to students. For some getting involved means joining a student group, participating in a Performing Arts show, serving at a community organization, or helping students during Orientation. For others, getting involved means connecting to the campus by attending a campus program, participating in leadership training, participating in an intramural sport, or just hanging out in the Activities Center. Learn more about how you can get involved at Suffolk University.