Residence Life Policies

Students living in University housing and leased properties must abide by the following rules and regulations in addition to University policies and procedures, including--but not limited to--the Community Standards and the Student Alcohol and Drug Policy

Residential living at Suffolk University is viewed as an integral part of the education and development of students. Residence hall communities are nurturing environments that emphasize personal and intellectual growth and development. Students have the unique opportunity to interact with others from different backgrounds, participate in service and social events, and define their role within a community. Each student living in University housing is responsible for being a proactive member adding to the overall university experience of others. Students are responsible for taking ownership in developing a safe and healthy living environment for all the University's members. In order to provide a safe and secure environment that is conducive to academic pursuits, a number of community living policies need to be observed in University housing. Each member of the community is encouraged to hold others accountable to the community living policies. As a member of this community, it is essential that you respect the rights of others in the community, as well as University and private property. These policies have been developed to support an environment of mutual respect. Students are expected to live within the standards of the community and encourage others to do the same. 

The following policies and procedures apply to all resident students of Suffolk University, including students who live in University housing. Any Suffolk University student (resident and nonresident) who is alleged to have violated the Community Standards in the residence halls is subject to the Student Conduct System.