Fire Safety


Fire safety is taken very seriously at Suffolk University, and all students are expected to cooperate in keeping university buildings as safe as possible. For this reason, the following activities are prohibited, and students engaging in them should expect serious consequences including but not limited to interim suspension:

  • Setting fires of any kind for any reason
  • Blocking of room, suite, bathroom, hallway or other egresses
  • Covering smoke detectors or alarms
  • Tampering with or testing any fire safety equipment, including exit signs, fire extinguishers, fire alarm boxes, smoke detectors, and sprinkler heads (such as hanging objects from sprinkler heads, and so forth)
  • Fire extinguishers should only be used in emergency situations.
  • Malicious activation of a fire alarm
  • Propping open fire doors for any purpose other than emergency evacuation
  • Use of roofs and fire escapes for any purpose other than for escape from a fire or other emergencies
  • Accidental activation of a smoke detector or fire alarm resulting from hall sports, water fights, and so on
  • Lighting open flames, and the possession of highly combustible items, including but not limited to, fireworks, candles and incense
  • Using or possessing space heaters or other types of heating coils
  • Careless use of approved items/appliances that creates a fire hazard
  • Failure to abide by the Cooking Policy

Students may not engage in any activity, including but not limited to the list above, which might create a fire or hazardous condition that is conducive to starting a fire.

Students are expected to notify SUPD and/or a member of the Residence Life & Housing staff of any fire and safety hazards and to report a fire promptly. All students are expected to observe all fire safety procedures established for the University, including participation in fire alarm/evacuation drills. Students must leave designated areas during a fire drill or be subject to disciplinary action. Students are expected to help prevent false alarms and should report any tampering with fire safety equipment to the appropriate staff person

Activating a fire alarm system without proper cause endangers the safety of all residents, as well as the security of the greater community and the fire department. A false alarm is not a prank; it is a criminal offense that endangers the safety of others.