Residence Hall Access & Occupancy

Resident students are granted access only to the residence hall and amenities of the hall to which they are assigned. The access and use of building amenities at 1 Court Street, 10 West Street, the Modern Theatre Residence Hall, Smith Hall, and Miller Hall are a privilege that carry with them the obligation to behave according to University policies.


Residents’ university IDs also grant them entrance to the front door of the residence hall where they are assigned to live. Residential students will not be able to be signed into other Residence Halls for the 2020-2021 Academic year.

For 10 West Street and the Modern Theatre Residence Hall Residents Only

Note that because the 10 West Street and Modern Theatre Residence Halls are joined, residents of the Modern Theatre Residence Hall have access to common space and amenities at 10 West Street. 10 West Street residents have access to common spaces and amenities at the Modern Theatre Residence Hall. All residents living at the 10 West Street and Modern Theatre Residence Halls are permitted to use the dining hall and computer lab at Smith Hall during the hours that the dining hall is open.

For University-sponsored Properties

Resident students living at university-sponsored properties/hotels may have other opportunities to utilize residential communities on campus. Specifications of the permitted usage will be provided by the time of check-in.

Residence Hall Room Occupancy

For the 2020-2021 academic, the number of persons in any room, suite, or apartment cannot exceed the number of persons listed below:

Due to the need to de-densify the residence halls and provide 6’ social distancing, students may only have 1 other student from the same residence hall in a suite/private bedroom. If the room does not provide 6’ social distancing space, the suite/private bedroom may only have the assigned resident in the room.