Guests in the Residence Halls


Resident: A resident is a student who is assigned to a room, suite, or apartment in the Suffolk University residence areas, including leased properties.

Residential Host: A residential host is a resident student who signs a residential guest into the residence hall to which he/she resides.

Residential Guest: A residential guest is a student who has a current housing assignment and is visiting a residence hall they are not assigned to. It can also be defined as any other individual who does not live in the residence halls and who is visiting and/or staying overnight in the residence halls.

Residents are granted the privilege of entertaining guests in University housing under certain conditions.

Procedure to Sign-in/ Sign-out a Residential Guest

SUPD oversees the residential guest sign in/sign out process. Hosts must meet their residential guests at the hall security desk and present their Suffolk IDs when signing in residential guests. Residential guests must surrender a valid photo ID (non-expired) to SUPD when signing in. Hosts must escort their residential guest(s) back to the desk to check out at which time the ID will be returned. SUPD documents residents who do not properly sign out their residential guests. This documentation may be forwarded to Residence Life & Housing and/or the Dean of Students Office and may result in disciplinary action, a fine and/or guests may be permanently banned from the residence halls.

Expectations Regarding Residential Guests

Residential guests must be at minimum a personal acquaintance of the residential host and must be escorted at all times by their residential host, except into opposite-sex bathrooms. Residential guests are required to follow all University policies and residential hosts are responsible for seeing that their guest(s) follow all University policies. Residents are responsible for the actions of their residential guest(s) and therefore responsible for any damage/policy violations caused by their residential guest(s), regardless of whether the residential host was physically present when the alleged violation occurred. All residents are requested to be aware of unescorted guests in the halls and to report their presence to Residence Life & Housing staff or to SUPD.

Residents should be considerate of roommates when inviting guests to their residence hall room at all times.  Hosts must abide by conditions for residential guests the roommates agree upon and indicate on the roommate agreement form.

A resident may sign in no more than two (2) guests at one time; and, the University reserves the right to limit the number of residential guests at any time without notice depending on factors and circumstances.

A residential guest who is signed in by a residential host between the hours of 1am and 7am is considered to have stayed overnight.  Residents may not have a residential guest stay overnight for more than three (3) nights in any seven-day period. A resident may not host residential guests overnight for more than five (5) nights per calendar month.

Residential guests may not stay overnight in Suffolk University housing areas for more than five (5) nights per calendar month, whether with the same host or different hosts.

Exceptions to these procedures must be approved by the residence director of the building where the resident resides at least 24 hours in advance. No residential guest may stay overnight in the public areas of any of the residence halls.

A resident who wishes to host a residential guest between the ages of 16-18, must complete and submit the appropriate form located on the Residence Life & Housing website at least three (3) business days in advance of the visit to the residence director of the hall in which the resident lives. This form is not necessary if the residential guest is a Suffolk University student under the age of 18. Residential guests under the age of 16 visiting the residence halls must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Residential guests who are not properly signed in and/or who have allegedly violated University Community Standards may be considered trespassers and are subject to arrest and/or temporary or permanent removal from the residence hall. All residential guests must comply with emergency protocols should a drill or actual emergency occur.

At any time, the privilege to sign in residential guests may be terminated by a Residence Life & Housing staff member, the Dean of Students Office or SUPD.  Residence Life & Housing staff, the Dean of Students Office and SUPD reserve the right to deny access to the residence halls to any residential guest for any reason. Non-resident students and residents who are signed in as a residential guest who are alleged to have and/or are found responsible for violating Residence Life & Housing and/or university policies, may lose visitation privileges for some or all of the residence halls permanently.

Any exceptions to these policies may be made by the director of Residence Life & Housing, or designee. Requests from students for exceptions must be submitted three business days in advance via email to the residence director of the building in which the student lives or to Residence Life & Housing