To officially check-in to the residence hall, a student must have made all necessary deposits, completed all paperwork and moved into the halls during designated days and times.  Upon checking in, residents will be given a key (or keys) to their room/suite/apartment/mailbox and if appropriate, their student ID will be turned on to serve as the room key. Residence Life & Housing staff inspect each room and all common areas before fall move in and complete a Room Condition Form (RCF)  for each room, including suite/apartment common areas and bathrooms.

The RCF notes any minor damages that might already be in a room.  Students must sign a copy of the RCF once they officially check-in to the residence hall. Within the next 24 hours, residents must indicate any damages in the RCF and submit it to Residence Life & Housing staff. Please refer to additional information on the front and back of the RCF regarding check-in, check-out and damages.

Should the resident move out of the residence hall for any reason, it is the resident’s responsibility to complete a proper checkout of their residence hall room when they are vacating the room permanently. Prior to checking out, residents must clean their rooms, including the common areas of a suite or apartment, remove all trash and remove all of their belongings from the room.  Residents have two options to complete the actual checkout: Traditional checkout with a Residence Life & Housing staff member or an Express Checkout. To complete a traditional checkout, residents must make an appointment with a Residence Life and Housing Services staff member in the building in which they reside. During this appointment, the staff member will note any changes in the condition of the room and the resident will sign the revised RCF. The Residence Life & Housing staff member will then take the resident’s key(s). The student is then no longer a resident of that residence hall.  Residents who wish to use the Express Checkout option, must obtain an Express Checkout envelope at their residence hall’s office, complete it fully, put their keys in the envelope and then put the envelope in the Express Checkout box outside the residence hall office. At that point, residents must vacate the residence hall.

Charges for any additional individual room/suite/apartment damages that are found after check out will be charged to the student’s account.  

Improper checkout may include, but is not limited to the following: failure to arrange a checkout time with a Residence Life & Housing staff member, failure to be present at the checkout time, failure to complete checkout paperwork or express checkout procedures, and failure to return key(s). Failure to return key(s) will result in a lock change and an additional charge. A cleaning fee and improper checkout fee may be assessed if specified procedures are not followed. The resident director inspects all rooms after the checkout procedure is complete to assess room damage and completes the final invoicing for all damages. Failure to follow university checkout procedures will result in a minimum charge of $100. Any student who is planning to withdraw from or take a leave of absence from the University must contact the Student Affairs Office for information and assistance necessary for their proper withdrawal or leave of absence. All students must checkout of and vacate the residence halls within 24 hours after the withdrawal or leave of absence form is submitted to the Student Affairs Office.  Students are responsible for University housing charges through the end of the semester in which they leave, unless informed otherwise by staff in Student Affairs and/or by the director of Residence Life & Housing.