Room Assignments & Room Changes


Room changes between buildings are possible on a space-available basis. Students are expected to reside in the room to which they have been assigned unless prior approval for a change has been granted.

Under no circumstances may a student move to another room without permission of the residence director. Unauthorized room changes are not permitted, and students will not be allowed to stay in those rooms. Additionally, students who engage in unauthorized room changes may face disciplinary action. The Director of Residence Life & Housing, or designee, reserves the right to change the room assignment of any student if deemed necessary, including for the purpose of room consolidation.

Each semester, there are room freeze periods where students are unable to change rooms. This allows for Residence Life & Housing to know exactly what rooms, if any, are open for room changes. Typically each semester, the room freeze periods will occur during the first four (4) weeks after the start of classes. Additionally, a room freeze period will begin the Monday after Thanksgiving Break for the Fall Semester and the Monday after Spring Break during the Spring Semester.

To fill out a room change form, go to SUConnect and submit it electronically. Filling out a room change form does not guarantee a room change. All room changes are subject to approval from Residence Life & Housing.