Bicycle Storage

Bicycle storage at Suffolk University is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis in the designated bike rooms located at 10 West Street, Modern Theatre Residence Hall, and Miller Hall. Learn more about improper storage and other University protocols.

Locations, Security, & Improper Storage Protocol

Students may store their bicycles at their own risk in the residence hall bike rooms listed below:

  1. 10 West Street and the Modern Theatre Residence Hall—Basement
  2. Miller Hall—First Floor

Bicycles may not be stored in other University buildings. Bicycle storage is on a first-come, first served basis and residents may only store bicycles in the residence hall they are assigned to during the dates of residency provided there is a designated space. Residents are responsible for providing their own bike locks. Only person-powered bicycles may be stored in the residence halls or University buildings; bicycles or similar equipment that are powered by battery, motor, or gas are not permitted.

Bicycles may not be chained to doors, stairwells, or other objects. The fire code dictates that all entrances, exits, corridors, and stairwells must be free and clear at all times. Bicycles stored improperly may be removed at the owner’s expense.