Hall Keys & University ID's

All resident students in Smith Hall, 10 West Hall, and Modern Theatre are issued a key to their residence hall room and a Suffolk University ID. Students in Miller Hall and 1 Court Street will have their Suffolk University ID activated for their room key. Students are required to carry their key(s) and/or IDs with them at all times. Students must present an ID upon request to a member of the Residence Life & Housing staff, including RAs and student workers. Students are prohibited from giving or lending their keys/IDs to others at any time. The front door to all residence halls remains closed and locked. Residential students must swipe their IDs to open the front door and then must show/swipe proper Suffolk University identification upon entering a residence hall. Suffolk Police & Security documents residents who do not properly show/swipe Suffolk University identification. This documentation may be forwarded to Residence Life & Housing and/or the Dean of Students Office and may result in disciplinary action and/or a fine.

Lost Keys/IDs

Students must immediately report lost, misplaced or stolen keys/IDs to the residence hall building office. Students will be charged a minimum of $150 for a lost key and lock change. This charge will be made to the student’s account. The fee to replace a university ID card is $25. Payment must be completed before a new ID card can be issued. A staff member will document each time a student enters the residence hall without their ID.

Lock Outs

If, for any reason, a student is locked out of his/her residence hall room, he/she should seek assistance from a Residence Life and Housing Services staff member. During regular office hours (Monday – Friday 9am to 6pm), residents can go to the residence hall office and after office hours, residents can ask Suffolk University Police to contact the RA on duty. Residents are assisted with entry only into their own room. University Police does not have access to student room keys and cannot assist with lockouts. A staff member will document each lockout. Each resident is permitted one “excused” lockout but will be fined for any subsequent lockouts for the remainder of the academic year. The second lockout is $10 and subsequent lockouts are $25 each. Lockout fines will be charged to the resident’s student account monthly.