College is a one-of-a kind experience. At Suffolk University, you'll learn from both our professors and the amazing city that surrounds our campus.

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At Suffolk, you can:

  • Savor daily life in the city as you head to class downtown, hop the T to Newbury Street or Fenway Park, or just relax on Boston Common
  • Intern and learn with execs from Fortune 500 companies, tech giants, cultural institutions, and startups
  • Study what you love in small classes with professors who also practice in their fields
  • Learn alongside classmates from around the world and discover the world for yourself when you study abroad

And that's just for starters. The Suffolk experience is what you make of it. Make your way here and you'll see what we mean.

You have big aspirations—we’re here to help make them real

You have big aspirations. We’re here to help make them real. The Career Development Center (CDC) provides the skills and resources you’ll need to take your ambitions beyond graduation into the working world. Our expert staff will help you choose your major, find internships, apply to graduate programs, and land the perfect job. And they’ll be in your corner throughout your career, offering consulting and job search services whenever you need them.

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Schools & Colleges

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Suffolk University offers a multitude of programs to explore your passions and expand your learning in and out of the classroom.

Every one of our students has a story all their own

Suffolk gives you boundless opportunities to discover your best self. Connect the dots between your hands-on interdisciplinary education in the heart of downtown Boston and a career that truly matters, using the classroom connections you'll form to land prestigious internships and establish yourself in your field.

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