Third Party Billing & Payments

The Office of the Bursar will invoice a third party (your employer or agency) for your tuition charges. To authorize us to do so, please include an authorization to bill your third party.

If fees are not paid by the completion of the semester, you will be required to make payment. It is important that you submit your authorization form on a timely basis. Failure to do so will result in late fees being assessed and/or failure to process your registration for the following semester.

Embassy or Government Sponsorship

If you are sponsored by your government, please submit a copy of your financial guarantee to us, so that we can send an invoice to the relevant billing department and receive payment as soon as possible.

Veterans or Dependents

Students attending Suffolk University who are entitled to receive Veteran's benefits must contact the University Registrar's Office to submit the proper forms to activate their benefits.

The Office of the Registrar is located on the 6th floor of 73 Tremont St. building.

Tuition Reimbursement

Students who participate in a tuition reimbursement plan through their employer may be able to register for future semesters without the required payment - only after they have paid for and completed their current semester at Suffolk University.

A payment for tuition reimbursement is generally remitted to the student upon completion of the course as well as presentation of the grade and a receipt of payment; therefore, the current semester must be paid completely to be eligible for tuition reimbursement from the employer.

Subsequent registrations will be accepted and processed without the required payment if there is not a prior balance on the account, if the new semester directly follows the last registered semester, and the student can provide the Office of the Bursar with verification of the company's reimbursement policy. In addition, the University will require the student to sign apromissory notein lieu of this payment.

It should be clearly understood the Office of the Bursar expects to receive your reimbursed payment from the prior semester on or before the first day of class of the new semester. If not paid promptly, your account will be assessed the late payment fee and future registration clearance and/or approval under this policy will not be granted.

Please note: You are only eligible for this benefit when you enroll in semesters that run back-to-back (ex., fall to spring or spring to summer).

Employer Tuition Assistance

For the required invoicing to take place, submit your tuition assistance authorization form to the Office of the Bursar.