Payment Plans

The Suffolk University Payment Plan (SUPP) a semester-based plan and is available through the SU Pay Billing & Payment gateway.

Enroll in SUPP and divide each semester's tuition and other expenses into up to five monthly payments (fewer months for late enrollment) over the course of the semester. You have the flexibility to enroll in a budget that is comfortable for you. The enrollment fee for the plan is $40 or $50 based on the payment plan you enroll in.

Payment plans will be limited to one plan per student. Authorized users may set up a payment plan for their students. To be set up as an Authorized user please review our instructions.

SUPP is offered in the fall and spring semesters only for each academic year. You have to sign up for the plan every semester. Fall plans begin in June and end in November and Spring plans begin in December and end in April. The first installment is due at sign up along with the enrollment fee. Payment plans are not available for the summer sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can set up a plan?
Students or authorized users can set up one plan per semester. If your parent/guardian pays your Suffolk bills, then they should set up the plan. Students must set up a parent/guardian as an authorized user before they can set up the plan. Authorized users can log into your account, set up payment plans, schedule and make payments. For instructions on setting up authorized users, please refer to our SU Pay instructions.

*If an authorized user enrolls you in the plan, you can see it, but the authorized user must make the payments. For example, if you already sign up for a plan, your parents cannot sign up for another plan within the same semester. Also, students cannot make payments toward an authorized user’s plan.

What payment methods are accepted?
SUPP accepts ACH (Online check) from your checking and savings account and the following major credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover). Note: credit card payments incur additional 2.95% processing fee.

Can I schedule payments to be deducted automatically on installment due dates?
Yes, SUPP allows you set up your checking/saving account or a credit card and have money debited automatically on the plan due dates.

Do I have to pay my plan online? I normally pay by check in person.
Yes, you can continue to pay in person at the Ram Registration & Financial Services Center. Please inform the staff that you are paying towards a payment plan to properly credit the payment towards your plan.

I set up a plan and my account balance changed. How do I increase or decrease the plan amount?
Please contact Student Account Services and our staff will adjust the amount of the plan.

Do I need to wait until my installment is due to pay it? Or can I pay smaller amounts on a weekly basis?
You can pay any amount at any time towards your upcoming installment.

What happens if I miss an installment payment?
If an installment is late or missed, the account will be assessed a $70 late fee. Two consecutive missed payments will result in the termination of the payment plan. The account balance will be due immediately and subject to the University's collection policy. Accounts with unpaid balances will be prevented from future term registrations and transcript release.