Project Management

The ITS Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for promoting and facilitating a disciplined approach to managing ITS projects with a focus on ensuring the quality of project delivered and the overall performance of project management at Suffolk University.

ITS Project Management Office

The PMO Staff consist of career Project Managers who advocate for departments and stakeholders across the campus with new initiatives. Using project management best practices the goal of the PMO is to help identify those projects that contribute the most value and best support the strategic goals of the university.

The ITS Project management Office provides project management expertise in project planning, project estimating and project execution. The ITS PMO works closely ITGEC, the Working Group Committee and TILT to ensure that approved projects are professionally managed to yield the most value within a specified time frame. Staff and faculty throughout Suffolk University should engage the PMO for project management expertise or advice as well as support of active projects. Please refer to IT Governance for the Hardware and Software Request Form and IT Request Policy.

If you have any questions, please contact either Marian Sales or Dan Rystrom.