Security Services

Here at Suffolk we want you to be secure and also want you to help us build a strong information security culture. This means that you are not only protecting student’s information and your own personal information but you carry these traits to what you do every day; at home, online or at the university.

Information Security

Help build an Information Security Culture

If you ever have any question about Information Security, even if it is personal please send us an email we are ready and happy to help, inform or direct you. There are 3 basic Security rules. 

  • Protect your account access and data with strong passwords.
  • Be aware. Protect your own data and know that you are a custodian of student data. Know how to handle and keep the data you access and maintain secure. Careful of phishing emails that ask you for credentials or sensitive information.
  • When in doubt just ask. When you have a question about how to handle or protect your data please ask.

Learn more about Suffolk University Information Security and Policies.

Contact Us

Security Incident?

Do NOT try to resolve the issue on your own. Email us at our security address or call us:  dial 2000 or 617-557-2000.

Non-Security Inquiries

For all other inquires, please feel free to email us for more information.