Preferred Vendors

These contractual arrangements have been negotiated by Purchasing Services on behalf of the University Community. Purchasing goods and services from the University’s preferred and contracted vendors can result in significant cost savings.

From office and laboratory supplies to staffing and audio/video equipment, the Purchasing Office has relationships with a wide array of suppliers that allow you to get the best value possible. The contract pricing is based upon Suffolk's aggregate purchasing volume for the specific good or service. Each contract is governed by terms and conditions that protect the interests of the University.

Contracted vendors

Suffolk University is a member of the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (“MHEC”), and The Boston Consortium.

As a member, we combine our buying power with peer universities and colleges in the area to achieve volume discounted pricing from over 500 vendors and contracts in various industries.

Below is some information on the preferred vendors with which we can obtain educational discounts on Suffolk orders.

IMPORTANT: Please always inform the vendor that you are placing the order on behalf of Suffolk University, and inquire on the consortium discounts that can be applied to your order.

Please note the correct billing address provided to the vendor should be:

Suffolk University
Attn: Accounts Payable
8 Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108

Directions to use the MHEC Website

  • Navigate to MHEC Home page
  • Scroll over left column, select “Contracts”
  • Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) Certifications are listed next to vendors that possess certifications. We encourage users to reach out to companies with certifications for pricing.
    • SDO Certification Abbreviation Key
      • C = Correctional Industry Enterprise
      • D = Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
      • M = Minority Business Enterprise
      • MW = Minority Woman Business Enterprise
      • PCD = Physically Challenged/Disadvantaged
      • S = Small Business (under 50 Employees)
      • V = Veterans Owned
      • W = Woman Business Enterprise
  • Select a letter at the top of the page corresponding to the type of good you are looking for:
    • A: Appliance
    • B: Educational supplies
    • C: Furniture
    • D: Laboratory Supplies and Equipment
    • E: Maintenance Contracts
    • F: Office Equipment and Supplies
    • G: Miscellaneous
    • H: Miscellaneous
    • J: Joint Contract with E&I

Contact the vendor using the provided phone number on the website to inquire the discounted pricing for the goods that you are looking for.

Special Note: Certain vendors do extend the special pricing to faculty and staff, please see the last column (“Extend Fac/Staff”) on the website to identify those vendors.