GPA Calculator

Want a sense of what your grade point average will be by semester's end and the grades you'll need to get to improve it? The GPA Calculator is easy to use!

You can estimate your GPA in just two easy steps:

  1. Enter your GPA credit and honor points earned at Suffolk University to establish your current GPA. You can view this information in MySuffolk, on the GPA by Term link under My Grades & Academic Profile. Transfer credits aren't calculated toward your GPA.
  2. Enter the letter grades and credit hours and click "calculate." You'll then see your anticipated cumulative GPA. By entering grades in various combinations, you can determine the effect a grade will have on your GPA.

Enter your Suffolk University credit information here:

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Enter your expected grades and credits here:

Grade Credits Grade Credits
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Class 3 Class 4
Class 5 Class 6
Class 7 Class 8

Note: This is not an official calculation of your GPA, but we hope it helps you estimate your GPA.