The Rosenberg Institute offers a number of events throughout the academic year.

Below are some of the past events that the Institute has hosted. 


Date Event
February 2 Bridge to the East: a talk by Filmmaker Reggie Life
March 1 Photography Lecture: Aesthetics in Asia
April 5 Student Life in Indonesia
April 21 Visiting Cambodia and Vietnam




Date Event
November 7 The Korean Peninsula: Challenge and Opportunity
October 28 China Town Hall
October 24 Careers in Asia
October 3 Asian and Asian-American Studies: Challenges and Opportunities
September 17 Liselotte Odgaard: Between Interaction and Coexistence: US and Chinese Strategies of World Order
September 17 Between Interaction and Coexistence: US and Chinese Strategies of World Order
September 11 The Chinese Exclusion Act: What It Can Teach Us About America
September 11 Ben Railton: The Chinese Exclusion Act: What It Can Teach Us About America
March 29 Merry White: "Coffeehouse Culture in Japan"
March 6 Andrew Lam: "East Meets West: Writing in Two Hemispheres"
February 22 Shirley Smith: "Italians in China: 1900-1947"
February 8 Peter Kiang: "Asian American Studies Perspectives on Health, Work, and Education"


Date Event
September 18 The Future of Chinese Seapower
October 4 Being an Asian-American in America
October 23 International Business in Asia Today
October 29 China Town Hall: Issues in United States - China Relations
中美關係 – 最近報告
October 30 China's New Leadership and the Bo Xilai Scandal
November 20 Social Outcast, Rebellious Critic: The World of Daizai Osamu
November 29 North Korea: The Father, The Son and The Sacred System
北韓: 父,子,與聖制
April 25 Confucian China in a Changing World Order
April 4 The Gwangju Uprising in Korea
March 26 Why Taiwan Matters
March 6 American Robots Help Fukushima Clean-up
February 21 China's Role in the Global Order
February 1 Public Health in Nationalist China, 1928-45


Date Event
November 16 China Town Hall
October 27 Stepping Forth into the World: The Chinese Educational Mission in the United States, 1872-81
October 25 Manchukuo and Colonial Culture in the 1930s
October 6 New England Chinese and the 1911 Revolution
September 29 Fukushima! Life in Japan After the Earthquake
September 27 Living and Working in China: Inside Advice from an American Executive in Shanghai
April 13 Zen Friends: Literary Friendships between Late Imperial Chinese Women Poets and Buddhist Nuns
March 21, March 23 Master Classes with Katsumi Yanagimoto
February 16 Beijing: The City Renewed
February 10 "I Love a Broad Margin to My Life" Maxine Hong Kingston Book Launch
February 9 Immigrants in America
January 27 Poetry Workshop with David McCann 


Date Event
November 18 The Enigma of Japanese Business
November 5 Burning Questions in Asian-American Studies
October 25 Sushi, Sushi
October 18 China Town Hall Forum
September 28 Hidden Warriors: Women on the Ho Chi Minh Trail
April 7 Can Japan Be an 'Asian' Power?
March 31 Asians in America
March 1 Challenges in Chinese Economic Development
February 3 China in World History
February 10 How the People of Hong Kong Celebrate the Chinese New Year


Date Event
December 3

Women Writers in Chinese History

September 21 Famine and Socialism: In China and the Soviet Union
November 5 Film Screening: Chai Qian
November 9 Tibet and China: How to Solve the Problems
April 16 Global Economic Implications of China's Sex Ratio Imbalance
April 14 Japanese Health Insurance and the Cosmetic Surgery Boom
April 8 Asian Film Series- Japan: To Live
March 24 North Korea: No Longer in the 'Axis of Evil
February 24 Globalization and Trade in Chinese History: Tea in the Borderlands
February 18 Asian Film Series- China: Postman in the Mountains
February 4 Asian Film Series- South Korea: Take Care of My Cat


Date Event
November 19 Human Rights and China inside and Outside
November 18 Confucius and Confucianism
October 8 Asian Film Series
April 8 Inaugural Event- Competing in Beijing: China and the 2008 Olympics




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