Reporting Sexual Harassment or Sexual Misconduct

We strongly encourage Suffolk community members to report all forms of sexual misconduct to the University. They may notify the Title IX coordinator who is responsible for receiving reports of sexual misconduct and/or the staff indicated below have been are trained to help students and employees access needed resources, to explain reporting and complaint options, and to respond appropriately to reports of sexual misconduct.

File a Title IX Report

The University encourages anyone who experiences or learns about an incident of sexual misconduct or gender-based discrimination to file a Title IX report immediately so the University can respond accordingly.

File a Title IX report

For those who wish to remain anonymous, anonymous reports may be made online using the same form, the Reporting Sexual Misconduct Form.

Anonymous reporting, however, may impact the University's ability to respond or pursue appropriate action against the alleged perpetrators. On-line reports, which are anonymous, will be reviewed and referred to the appropriate department for follow up.

All Suffolk employees (with the exception of those working in the Counseling, Health & Wellness Center, the Interfaith Center and Human Resource Confidential Resource Provider(s)) are required to immediately inform the Title IX coordinator of a report of sexual misconduct.

Title IX Coordinator (Non-confidential Report)
Sheila M. Calkins, BSN, JD
Director of Title IX Compliance
13th floor, 73 Tremont Street

Other University offices to which you can report sexual misconduct

Counseling, Health & Wellness Center (Students Only) (Confidential Report)
5th floor, 73 Tremont Street
Counseling: 617-573-8226
Health and Wellness: 617-573-8260

Interfaith Center (Students Only) (Confidential Report)
Sawyer 823

Student Affairs/Dean of Students (CAS and SBS Students) (Non-confidential Report)
12th floor, 73 Tremont Street

Dean of Students Office (Law Students) (Non-confidential Report)
4th floor, 120 Tremont Street

Residence Life and Housing (Non-confidential Report)
7th floor, 73 Tremont Street

Diversity Services (All Students) (Non-confidential Report)
Sawyer 828

Human Resources (Employees) (Non-confidential Report)
11th floor, 73 Tremont Street

Suffolk University Police Department (Students and Employees) (Non-confidential Report)
Floor A, 8 Ashburton Place
Non-emergency lines: 617-573-8113 or 617-573-8333