• What is the current schedule?

    Fall 2018 Semester Current Schedule. Call (617) 573-8034 to learn more.


  • Who can attend a study group?

    Any student enrolled in a study group course (see the schedule for a list of courses offered).

  • Why should I attend a study group?

    You might have one quick question or want to work toward turning a B+ into an A. You may feel overwhelmed and have many questions or just be struggling with the course content. Students of all majors and all phases of the learning process can benefit from attending weekly study group sessions.

    • One study group participant commented, "It allows me to fully understand the material when I work within a group of people."


  • How can I get the most out of a study group?

    Come Prepared
    Bring your syllabus, notes, books, assignments and most importantly, your questions.

    Come Early and Often
    We recommend coming to study groups early and often throughout the semester.

    Ask Questions
    Study group is a great place to ask all kinds of questions—especially those you may not have the chance to ask in class.

    Bring a Friend
    In study group, students collaborate to solve problems, review material together and challenge and support each other in the course.

  • What won't a study group offer me?

    Help with graded assignments
    It is highly unlikely the leaders will be permitted to help you directly with homework or graded assignments in general. The work you submit for a grade must be your own. However, the leaders are happy to guide you through similar problems or questions to help you better understand how to approach course assignments on your own.

    Give you all the answers
    We hope to give you something better—the skills you need to successfully arrive at understanding the answers to your own questions. The leaders will help you review and clarify challenging concepts and show you effective study strategies, helping you become a better student overall.

    Replace the class
    Study groups are designed to complement your class not replace it. In order to get the most out of a study group, you must go to class and complete the assigned course work as well as you can.


  • What if my class does not have a study group?

    • Make an appointment with a tutor.
    • Make an appointment with an academic coach.
    • Start your own study group and check out our CLAS workshops for helpful tips.
  • Who are the study group leaders?

    Study group leaders are students just like you who have earned an "A" in the class for which they lead a study group. Many of our leaders have been recommended by the faculty for this role and all of them have sought this role because they enjoy helping others and collaborating with their peers.

    Here's what our leaders have to say about working with us:

    • "Being a study group leader really helps me to improve my interpersonal and communication skills. It also improves my knowledge about the subject I lead a study group in. I really enjoy working as a study group leader."
    • "It has been an amazing experience...I really enjoyed leading study group and it has made me even more comfortable to speak in front of groups of people... It was a wonderful, rewarding experience!"
    • "It helps me to develop my communication skills, professionalism, active and critical thinking abilities, and it also helps me to strengthen my confidence when dealing with challenging situations."
  • How can I become a study group leader?

    Serving as a study group leader is a great way to gain marketable skills, build your resume, and give back to the Suffolk community.  Find out more information about our employment opportunities.