Make an Appointment

Students may choose to schedule a 1:1 tutoring appointment (in-person or online) or make an appointment with an Academic Coach.

Schedule a 1:1 Tutoring Appointment

In-Person Course Content & Writing Appointment

1:1 tutoring appointments are available for both course content & writing. You can schedule a tutoring appointment by either calling our front desk at 617-573-8034, visiting us on the 9th floor of 73 Tremont, or on your own online through Navigate using your Suffolk credentials.

Before making a tutoring appointment, please be sure to review our Global Policies for Appointments [PDF].

Online Course Content & Writing Appointment

CLAS offers Online Tutoring Appointments, which you can schedule on your own through Navigate. When making your appointment, you have the option to select "Online Tutoring Services" as the location.

This lets you schedule a remote tutoring session on your laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. All you need is an internet connection and your device.

Before making an online tutoring appointment, please be sure to review the Procedures and Best Practices for Using Online Tutoring [PDF] to ensure that your sessions go as smoothly as possible.

Art & Design Tutoring Appointment

The CLAS provides tutoring services to Art & Design students. This academic support programs offered are specifically tailored to visual arts majors.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, email our office.

Schedule an Appointment with an Academic Coach

Academic coaching provides students with the skills, guidance, and support necessary for reaching long-term goals and overall achievement. Academic coaches work individually with students to clarify priorities and set milestones for success.

To schedule an appointment with an Academic Coach, email Orla Downey.