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Online Academic Skills Workshops

-Check out CLAS' YouTube channel for short segements taken straight from our academic skills workshops. Topics include public speaking tips, time management strategies, note-taking methods, and more!

  Public Speaking Video    

  To Do Lists

  Time Management

  Communication Skills

  Small Talk Skills

  Note-taking- the Cornell Method

-Below you can also find handouts and quick tips for each academic skills workshops topic that you can download and use on your own:

 Time Management:

       Quick Tips

       Monthly Calendar 

       Weekly Schedule

 Study Skills:

      Effective Study Strategies


      Quick Tips

      Sample Cornell Method

Communication Skills:

      Small Talk Strategies

      Presentation Skills

      Warming Up for Public Speaking

      Public Speaking Form & Technique 


Optimal Resume Help

-Want help formatting your resume?

-Would you like your resume to be reviewed by a professional?

-Optimal can help! View the link above to find out how to take advantage of Optimal Resume and the Career Development Center.


-Ways to study, physically prepare, and to take the exam.
-Handouts you can print and review to best prepare yourself.

Taking Notes

-Five methods for taking notes in class and while doing readings.
-Five styles for each learning type with examples of each style.
-Pro/Con of each style with recommendations for when to use that style.

Study Smarter Kit

-Handpicked best practices by CLAS Academic Coaches.
-Most frequent tips for students who want to improve their GPA.
-Short articles on a variety of tricks to make students more productive.