Writing Help

Class readings are like the raw materials for your knowledge. They are sometimes easy to refine into learning or sometimes they require a lot of time to understand and reconstruct for your use. Depending on your prior knowledge and your familiarity with the writing style of your class readings, you may have to invest a large amount of time in adequately completing your readings. It is important to note that with every sentence that you work on, you will get better at understanding your readings.

University of Michigan has a great visual guide to improving your reading abilities.

Dartmouth also has excellent resources to improve reading skill.

MLA Citation Help

The Sawyer Library has lots and lots of help when working on citations.

MLA In-text Citations

This Purdue Owl page is helpful for MLA beginners and students who already know how to cite using MLA, but want to check their work. It also includes a section for citing online resources.

MLA Works Cited Page: Books

A starting point for anyone who needs help completing/editing an MLA-style Works Cited page or bibliography. One example shows how to cite an online article or a story from an anthology (this may be particularly useful for a student taking a freshman or sophomore English class that uses a reader).

MLA Works Cited Page: Electronic Sources

This page shows you how to cite many kinds of online sources and explains what to do if a website or news article doesn’t have a listed author. This page includes a lot of examples about what to do if you can’t find certain information, so it is helpful for students who are doing a research paper with many outside sources.

MLA Works Cited: Other Common Sources

This page shows you how to cite movies and TV, paintings and photographs, and presentations. A good number of freshman assignments ask the student to analyze art or photographs.


Grammar Girl is excellent for common mistakes like affect/effect, I/me, lay/lie, who/whom. Check “Grammar Girls’ Most Popular Tips” and “Grammar Girl’s Most Recent Tips”.

This website reviews various grammar rules. It also offers free interactive grammar quizzes.

Blogs to Explore

Grammar & Composition expert Richard Nordquist writes a blog here. He offers various articles containing tips on grammar and food for thought about the writing process.

This is a witty grammar blog.

English as a Second Language Help

This website is geared specifically towards ESL students and has a lot of good, simple explanations for tricky grammar rules. There are also many helpful quizzes on the site. Here are links to specific sections of the site: